Handsome Midnight



April NEWS

Welcome to our site.  Consider this the launching point for any new music, new HM Gear, or new news.

93X Sound Series: We're featured on the 93X website.  Just click the image for the full spread.

Mayslacks 3/26:
 We had a great show at Mayslack's in NE Minneapolis along side July Fighter and BREED.  We hope to be back there soon.  Thank you, everyone who came out.

New Music:
 We've written a bevy of new material and will begin recording our next album just weeks from now.  We'll keep you updated, but expect the official 3rd full length to hit in early Spring 2017 with an early tease and video in the Fall of this year. 

Our latest album, Animal:  You can purchase our album on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and stream us on Pandora.  Here is a link to one: Animal