October NEWS

Welcome to our site.  Consider this the launching point for any new music, new HM Gear, or new news.

Phoenix Music Video: Filming in the next week.  Look for it here on Friday, October 24th!

Simple Thing Music Video: Our next video featuring a song off of our Spring 2015 album is now available for viewing.  Click the image to watch.

Animal Music Video:  Watch our latest music video (the title track) off of our next album Animal.  Click the image to watch.

PrideFest, Waterloo, IA:  We had a great time returning to the Cedar Valley Pride Fest, and had the chance to meet many wonderful people.  We're planning on coming back down in the next year.

Handsome Shades:  Adding to our suave merchandise you can purchase is our new Handsome Shades.  Pick up a pair by clicking on the image.

Debut Album, Bittersweet Curse:  You can purchase our album on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and stream us on Pandora.  Here is a link to one: Bittersweet Curse